Alex Machacek in UKZ

(Los Angeles, CA) — Keyboard and electric-violin legend Eddie Jobson announces a January 6 release date for the new UKZ band’s debut EP entitled Radiation. The band is also planning a debut concert in late January in New York City.

A video for the title track “Radiation” will be released this month to Zealots Lounge members. The Zealots Lounge will be a place where members can get a look behind the scenes and have advance access to UKZ music, video and concert tickets.

Returning from a self-imposed 27-year retirement from band and touring activity, Jobson set out to find the same caliber of next-generation musicians for the new UKZ project that would equal or surpass the talents of his previous colleagues and collaborators–an impressive list that includes Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, John Entwistle, Ian Anderson, Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio, Allan Holdsworth, and Tony Levin.

Jobson — who was born and raised in the Durham area of England — has hand-selected a truly international dream-band of virtuosos from around the world:

Aaron Lippert — a citizen of Belgium, but born and raised in New York, the former lead singer and songwriter for Columbia recording artists Expanding Man.

Trey Gunn — a Texas native, currently residing in Seattle – a ten-year veteran of King Crimson and the leading exponent of the Warr 10-string touch guitar.

Alex Machacek — from Vienna, Austria — an award-winning guitar prodigy and composer.

Marco Minnemann — from Hannover, Germany — a drumming phenomenon of unparalleled virtuosity.

For more information, visit the UKZ web site: Click Here