Release Date: November 16, 2010



Wide-Ranging Project Features an Astonishing Array of Guest Contributors

NEW YORK, NY –Over the course of a remarkable, still-unfolding career, Gary Husband has defined himself as the ultimate musician’s musician: a fiery, perceptive presence who elevates every scenario – from the tightly arranged to pure, open-ended improvisation. His newest solo album Dirty & Beautiful Volume One, available via Abstract Logix on November 16, is a riveting showcase for the many gleaming facets of his musical imagination. As befits his reputation among fellow performers, the album finds drummer and keyboardist Husband joined by an enviable cast of supporting musicians, among them John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Robin Trower, Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Jimmy Herring (Widepread Panic, the Dead, Allman Brothers Band), Jan Hammer, Mark King (Level 42), and more. Longtime fusion enthusiasts will note that Dirty & Beautiful marks the first time that iconic guitarists John McLaughlin and Allan Holdsworth have appeared on the same album, and the first time that McLaughlin, Goodman, and Hammer have been heard on the same project since the glory days of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Husband has honed his formidable skills as a sideman with such exacting artists as McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Stern, Robin Trower, Billy Cobham, Gary Moore, Level 42, Andy Summers, and many, many more. Currently, he is touring internationally as keyboardist and additional drummer with John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension, and is extensively featured on the group’s new album To The One. On his own, he has released a series of acclaimed albums ranging from solo piano projects to intricate full-band explorations of the intersection of jazz sophistication and rock exhilaration.

With a second volume to follow in Spring 2011, Dirty & Beautiful Volume One is Husband’s most ambitious and captivating solo project yet. Composed of compelling new originals alongside reimagined classics from the pens of Miles Davis, Jan Hammer, and Holdsworth, Dirty & Beautiful Volume One boasts a range of materials and contributors that, Husband explains, “actually resembles closely what my diary looks like. It documents some of the many relationships and avenues of participation I am fortunate to enjoy in my working life as a musician, with artists that I both love and admire.”’ Expertly steered from the meditative to the relentless by Husband’s propulsive yet nuanced drumming and nimble, harmonically daring keyboard work, Dirty and Beautiful Volume One is a valuable, long-awaited showcase for one of contemporary fusion’s most powerfully inventive figures.

Track List

01. Leave Em On
02. Bedford Falls
03. Between the Sheets of Music
04. Yesternow
05. Afterglow
06. Dreams in Blue
07. Ternberg Jam
08. Moon Song
09. Swell
10. Maverick
11. Boulevard Baloneypo
12. Alverstone Jam


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