Oz Noy- Twisted Blues Volume 1

Release Date: November 15, 2011


New York based plectorist extraordinaire Oz Noy makes his Abstract Logix debut with “Twisted Blues”, his most eclectic album to date that displays his signature guitar sounds as well as for the first time showcases his profound love of blues, featuring Chris Layton and Reese Wynans of the legendary Steve Ray Vaughn Band.

Oz is a chopsmeister of the highest order with a wealth of weapons in his trick bag. A master manipulator of tones and effects, he can deftly switch from lacerating single note work to Leslie-imbued organ stylings (a la Charlie Hunter) to jaw-dropping wah-wah-inflected lines…sometimes within the same song (as he does so nonchalantly on the scintillating title track). And while he emigrated to New York City in 1996 from his native israel, you’d swear he had a lengthy stopover in New Orleans by the sound of his authentic second line groover “Oh Really” featuring Allen Toussaint and his interpretation of The Meters’ funk anthem, “Cissy Strut.”

There’s a touch of Stevie Ray Vaughan in his shuffling “Whole Tone Blues” and the tough “Steroids,” and he brings a Hendrix-meets-Ry Cooder sensibility to his luminous ballad “You Are The State” with the help of Eric Johnson on second guitar. A fan of Thelonious Monk, Oz turns in highly impressionistic versions of the floating “Light Blue” and the chops-busting “Trinkle Tinkle,” the latter performed with unrelenting aggression as an uptempo Texas shuffle. And he strikes a calming accord on the soulful, “Two Centers,” which may remind SRV fans of Stevie’s “Riviera Paradise.” Like the title of a great Wes Montgomery album on Riverside from 1961, this stellar outing features So Much Guitar!

Twisted Blues which was recorded in one part in Austin featured the legendary Eric Johnson on guitar, Chris Layton on drums, Roscoe Beck on bass, Reese Wynans on the organ. The New York Sessions featured the amazing Vinnie Colaiuta and Anton Fig on drums, Will Lee on Bass, John Medeski and Jerry Z on organ, Allen Toussaint on the piano and Ralph McDonald on percussion. a stellar line up!

Track List

01. Twisted Blues
02. Oh Really?
03. You are the State
04. Whole Tone Blues
05. Cissy Strut
06. Light Blue
07. Steroids
08. Two Centers
09. Trinkle Tinkle


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