Tony Grey- Elevation

Release Date: October 15, 2013


Lineup: John McLaughlin, Mike Stern, Tomoyasu Hotei, Reb Beach, David Fiuczynski, Mino Cinelu

Besides being some of the greatest musicians ever known, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Hiromi, John McLaughlin, Branford Marsalis, Zakir Hussain, Mike Stern and Steve Lukather all have something else in common. At one time or another, these legendary artists have counted on the supportive, melodic and propulsive bass playing of the amazing Tony Grey. Artists of such stature and virtuosity do not trust just anybody to hold down the foundations of their music. They seek out the best for live performances and recordings. Time and time again they have turned toward the expertise and artistry of Tony Grey.

Now, Tony Grey is set to release his fourth solo album, Elevation, on October 15 2013 through Abstract Logix Records. Elevation is a beautiful, multi-track showcase of collaboration with a who’s who of guitar and musical greats; featuring the amazing Mike Stern, fretless guitar legend David Fiuczynski, Whitesnake’s Reb Beach, Japanese star Hotei Tomoyasu, and finally, Tony’s illustrious uncle and guitar legend John McLaughlin, who contributes a new and never-before-released composition that he penned for Chick Corea.

Tony wrote all the music for Elevation, also arranging his own version of “Some Day My Prince Will Come” featuring Fabrizio Sotti, along with the funky “Chick’s Chums” from Mahavishnu John McLaughlin. Nir Felder, Romain Collin, and Mino Cinelu all lend their musical mastery to Tony’s tracks.

Tony stands out as not only an immensely talented bassist, but one of most formidable writers of the next generation, whose music transcends genres, appealing not only to the attentive, longtime fan, but also creating a musical bridge for those new listeners about to enter the rhythmically-addictive world of Tony Grey.

Track List

01. Guiding Light feat Nir Felder
02. Chicks Chums feat John McLaughlin
03. Freedom Jazz Dance feat David Fiuczynski
04. Floating River Yangtze feat David Fiuczynski
05. Galactic Samuri feat Hotei Tomoyasu
06. Elevation feat Reb Beach
07. Walking In, Walking Out feat Mike Stern
08. Dil Chahata Hai feat Nir Felder
09. Solar feat David Fiuczynski
10. Someday My Prince Will Come feat Fabrizio Sotti


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